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About Us

ProVoice Greetings was founded on the principle that a complete business presentation includes audio as well as visual features. We specialize in professional audio recordings used for voicemail, on-hold messages, telephony, and interactive voice response (IVR) that are uploadable to almost any phone system!

A professional voice greeting can give your business more credibility with customers, serve as a sales tool, and compliment other professionally done features of your business presentation, such as signage and a website.

Our goal is to provide you the quality audio presentation you need at an affordable price. You can feel good about paying less!

We offer only the highest quality sound recording for your company's voicemail. Our professional voice talents have years of experience doing voice over recordings for TV and radio, and they use only the highest quality sound equipment to ensure you get the best possible sound quality.

Each sound recording is delivered to you in digital format for you to keep, and is uploadable to almost any voicemail system using our easy-to-use automated call attendant.

This proprietary call attendant enables you to call into our system, then dial through to your voicemail system, access your voice greeting, and play your recording. This process is designed to provide you with the highest quality phone recordings possible. Click here to learn more about our automated call attendant.

Get started by listening to our voice samples!